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Fish Dance Music

All songs copyright Terry Hill (BMI)

Sweet Montana Mornings

 (copyright 1975, 1992 Terry Hill BMI )
Walk down intro = IV (X3) to the I
          D                           G                   D
It’s a cold, gray Sunday morning in the city,
         D                            G                 D              
And I can’t see the sun shine in your eyes.
G                           A                 D                           Bm
The view outside my window’s made of cold concrete and steel
          G                   A                                   G - D
That stretches all the way up to the sky.
I’ll tell you of the country where I come from,
I’ll weave for you a tapestry of dreams,
I’ll play for you a symphony of mountain melodies,
The music of the cold clear mountain streams.                   (Walk down  X1)
                G                     A                          D
And I’ll sing to you of Sweet Montana Mornings
                  G                      A                         D                        Bm
Where the sun above the Rocky Mountains burns away the dew.
        G                       A                    D                Bm
I’d give up all my yesterdays and all of my tomorrows
         G                              A                            G                    D
For just the chance to spend one sweet Montana day with you.
Verse 3
I close my eyes and think of better places,
I think of better times and better days.
Gentle breezes blow across the meadows of my mind,
But nothing ever seems to show the way.                          (Walk down X1)
(Repeat Chorus)
G                                     A                 D           G                       A                           D
We’re all alone and lonely in this city, a sea of faces laughs but never smiles.
          G                           A                           D                           Bm
The truth is that we’re staying here and leaving is for dreams,
       G                                                                      A
So come with me, we’ll dream away the miles.
Verse 3
And I’ll take you to the Flathead River country,
Where fish dance for their supper on the streams.
An ancient stand of timber reaches up to steal the sun,
And life is just as simple as it seems.
(Repeat Chorus)     (Walk down X3) 

 Don’t Throw It All Away

 (copyright 1982, 1992 Terry Hill BMI )
Verse 1
A                                        Bm   D                                                 A
I’m putting my cards on the table, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve.
                                                   Bm D                                                A
We’ve had such a short time together, and now you say you want to leave.
                                    Bm      D                                     F#m    C#m
You’ve got me at an advantage, I don’t know what I can say.
                             D                 C#m                 Bm                   E           A
I was counting on being with you and now you tell me you’re going away.
                          Bm                                     A
Don’t throw it all away, tell me what I can do.
                          Bm                                       A
Don’t throw it all away, don’t tell me we’re through.
                          Bm                                         A
Don’t throw it all away, don’t pretend that it’s right.
                          Bm                                 A
Don’t throw it all away, stay with me tonight.
Inst. solo
Verse 2
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, it seems like a lifetime to me.
And now that I’ve got you here with me, it’s not where you wanted to be.
I don’t know if I can stand it, I don’t know how it will end,
I wanted to love you tonight and now you’re telling me “let’s just be friends.”
Repeat chorus
Repeat last line X2

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