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Grapevine Warp

All Songs copyright Terry Hill (BMI)

 All The Love The Law Allows

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
G  Am  C  G             
Verse 1
                 C                                G                       Am          C       D
I’ll go with you to the highest places, I’ll be with you at the lowest lows.
                          C                                G              Am              C                 G
We’ll take what comes with smiling faces, and follow life wherever it may go.
                          C                       G                 Am                   C              D
We’ll hate the pain and love the pleasure, and know it doesn’t matter anyhow.
                                  C                       G              Em
And you’ll give me all the love I ever wanted,
                            Am         C                 G            G   Am   C   G
And I’ll give you all the love the law allows.
Verse 2
They say that those who sow are those who harvest,
They say that those who seek are those who find.
From the moment that I first laid eyes upon you,
I knew you’d be forever on my mind.
Once I saw you, you were all I wanted,
I’d roll the dice and win your love somehow,
And you’d give me all the love I ever wanted,
And I’d give you all the love the law allows.
Verse 3
That foggy night we drove down by the river,
Down by the shore where the icy waters flow.
We both were sure that we were going somewhere,
But still we didn’t know how far we’d go.
And now the years just flow by like that river,
And all that time between us then and now,
Still you give me all the love I ever wanted,
And I give you all the love the law allows.
Repeat last two lines.
Fade on lead break

  Those Eyes

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
G—Em—D – C   Etc.
G                                                               Em
I wish you could have seen her then, the way she looked that night,
D                                                          C
The air was crisp and clean, and the moon was shining bright.
G                                                              Em
She stepped into the light, I saw that face, that perfect hair,
 C                                                        D
That pretty little miniskirt and those legs clear up to there, and
                    C                           G                                             Em                        D
I saw those eyes, those magic eyes.   I thought my soul was drowning in those eyes.
         C                  D                          G                   Em
And suddenly beneath that big Montana autumn sky,
          C                         D                  G             Em    D    C   /  G   Em    D   C
My heart was lost forever in those eyes.
The years just seem to vanish, still it seems like yesterday,
The first time that I saw her, and she took my breath away.
Her hair has turned a little gray and those miniskirts are gone,
But she still looks the same to me, it doesn’t seem so long since
My life was changed forever by those eyes.
G    Em  D   C  /  G    Em   D    C  /   G


 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
D                                                                       G                           D
He was born in the Southern country when the land was wild and free
Where the Buffalo River wanders
                     E                        A
Through the land of the Cherokee
            G                       A           D              Bm
With a twinklin’ in his eye, and silver in his tongue,
                 G                              A                       G   D
He rode a freight train to Montana back in 1931.
               G                                                   D                       Bm
And it’s Jove around the roses, grapevine warp and fence rail fill,
         D                                                                 A                  D
The Great Game Hunter and the Globetrotter is home from the hill
He told me all those stories, the wild tales of his youth,
He told of great adventures and he mostly told the truth.
He told me tales of pirates, swashbuckling derring do,
Of avenging angels dressed in black, all the stories that he knew
Repeat Chorus
He’d take his shotgun down from the closet in the hall
And tell me we’d go hunting down by the river in the fall.
He’d make outrageous promises as he put away the gun,
And I pretended to believe him, ‘cause that was half the fun.
Repeat Chorus
He was a father and a brother, a husband and a friend,
A barber and a gardener and an outlaw to the end.
I’ve learned my share of lessons, most of which I still recall,
But by far the most important ones I learned from my grandpa.
Repeat Chorus

 Few and Far Between

(copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
G – C – G - C   
Verse 1
G                       Em                    C                                G
Empty days, sleepless nights, without a word to let me know you’re alive,
Am                                                  D
And I can’t seem to make it on my own.
G                                Em            C                          G
And I guess I’m just too afraid to break the vow of silence we made
Am                                              D
And tell you I don’t want to be alone.
C                                                                  G                       Em
And every day there’s a minute or two when I don’t think of you,
                    Am        D         G
But they are few and far between.
G – C – G - C
Verse 2
The telephone, it never rings, but I don’t know what kind of news it would bring.
Might be something I don’t want to hear.
The mailman passes every day, he never brings a piece of mail my way.
I guess I get the message loud and clear.
Repeat chorus
G – C – G - C
Picture this, if you can.   I’m sitting holding my guitar in my hands,
Trying not to think of yesterday.
Maybe someday, wherever you are, you’ll hear these words, this melody, this guitar.
Then you’ll know what I’ve been wanting to say
Repeat chorus
G – C – G – C - G – C – G – C - G

My Old Friend

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
C                                                          F
The best friend I ever knew, always there when I needed you,
C                                                              G
Nothings been the same since you been gone.
            C                                             F
Never questioned or denied, always there right by my side,
       C                     G                     C
To help me find a way to carry on.
                      F                                                   C
And it’s my hope that one fine day, somehow we will find a way,
To spend some time together once again.
          F                                                           C
I will throw and you will run,  we’ll keep it up till you are done,
                                           G                      F          C
Then we’ll rest awhile together, my old friend.
When we met, you were alone, on the street without a home,
I was broken bad, but on the mend.
I invited you to stay, and we both knew right away,
How lucky that we were to find a friend.
Lead Break
And then year turned into year, they all seemed to disappear,
Time is never something you can keep.
And the day finally arrived, when we had to say goodbye,
And I stood by while they laid you down to sleep.
Repeat last line

 Out Of My Hands

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
Verse 1
                          D                       A
It was just a dinner, it was just a date,
                              D                              A
I thought it didn’t matter if I was a little late.
                                      D                                                    A
You were waiting at the window, wondering where I could be.
                   E                              D                            A
When your eyes met mine I was lost forever to my destiny.
                               D                                            A
And it’s out of my hands, I’m going out of my mind,
         E                                                                           A
My knees got weak, my voice couldn’t speak and my eyes went blind.
                          D                               A
And I can’t be blamed, I’m a natural man,
         E                                                          A
I’ve lost control of myself and it’s out of my hands.
Verse 2
I took you to the party, everyone was there.
Everybody was dancing, magic in the air.
You took my hand, gazed into my eyes,
And suddenly I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed.
Repeat chorus
Lead break
Verse 3
The first time I saw you, you were all alone.
Sitting by the window, talking on the phone.
I just had to have you, I couldn’t be denied.
I couldn’t control the feeling I was feeling inside.
Repeat chorus
Lead out      Fade

 Love At First Sight

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
Verse 1
G                       C                       G                C                                                 G
Met you in a crowded country barroom, and I knew that I would never feel the same.
C                                          G        Em        D                                             G
Met you in a Saturday night barroom, and I loved you before I knew your name.
Verse 2
It felt like I was pulverized by lightning, loving you was all that I could do.
My heart was torn apart by a bolt of lightning, and I couldn’t rest until you loved me too.
           C                                     G                 C                                                    G
And I never was much of a believer, never needed help to get me through the night,
       C                                                  G  Em     D                              G
But ever since I first laid eyes upon you, I believe in love at first sight.
Verse 3
Moonlight dancing on the meadow, starlight flashing in your eyes,
Warm spot of sunlight on the pillow beside my lover where you lie.
Repeat Chorus
Lead break
Verse 4
Come to me softly when you want to, leave when you have to I won’t mind,
But if you ever go you’ll have to live with the memory of all you’ve left behind.
Repeat last line, Amen ending.

  If I Could Dance

 (copyright 2011 Terry HIll BMI)
Verse 1
A                                                                    D                     A
There’s a place around the corner where the music lasts all night,
                                               D                   A
Where the girls are hittin’ on every man in sight.
D                       E               F#m                   D
Anyone wearing pants can find short term romance,
                                 E                        A
I know I’d have a chance if I could dance.
                 D                                        A                      
If I could dance, life would be complete,
         D                                                           A
I’d soar across the floor with magic in my feet.
                 D                              E               F#m                         D
If I could have the chance to choose, I’d make mine dancing shoes,
                               E                      A
I know I couldn’t lose, if I could dance.
Verse 2
I saw your smile from all the way across the floor,
The band was rockin’, the crowd was yellin’ for more.
I’d like to walk over to where you stand, and take you by the hand,
I’d be your only man if I could dance.
Repeat chorus
Sometimes I think I just can’t go on,
Loneliness that lasts all night till dawn.
If the music would take control, I know I’d find my soul,
Sex, drugs and rock and roll if I could dance.
Repeat chorus


 Lovin’ Words

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
C                                                 G                         C
There’s a cold pale wind that’s blowin’ from the mountains,
            F                                                      C
And it rushes dark and lonely through the pines.
            F                                               C             Am
And it makes me realize how much I miss you,
            C                           G                   C
And remember that you never will be mine.
               F                                                     C
If you’d take me in your arms and say you love me,
                F                                                 C
If you’d look me in the eye and say you care,
                F                                                       C             Am
If you’d whisper that you’re always thinkin’ of me,
                     C                    G                       C                      
Then you’d say the lovin’ words I long to hear.
There was a time when I still thought it certain
That a miracle would bring you back to me.
I’ve had all the lonely anyone can handle,
Now the wind says lonely’s all there’s gonna be.

You’re Gone

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
G – Gmaj7--Am
G                           Gmaj7              Am
The house is dark & vacant, I begin to realize
         D                                                       Em
You left sometime this morning and you didn’t tell me why.
G                         Gmaj7                           Am
You never even hinted that anything was wrong,
C                         D                            G
Everything around me says you’re gone.
C                        D                             G
Everything around me says you’re gone,
C                               D                  G                     Em
Empty drawers and closets where empty don’t belong,
C                        D                    G                    Em
Faded pink flamingoes lying broken on the lawn,
C                     D                              G
Everything around me says you’re gone.
Flowers in the corner, wilted petals, water brown,
Window shade is torn, the tattered corner hanging down,
Torn up bits of paper that you’ve written something on,
Everything around me says you’re gone.
Bedsheets are all twisted, blankets on the floor,
Tell the silent story of what has gone before.
The clock ticks out a warning of tomorrow and beyond,
Everything around me says you’re gone.

  Take A Number, Get In Line

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
Verse 1
A                              D
It’s the story of my life, the way that it was meant to be,
        E                        A
That every time I fall in love, she falls right out of love with me.
Love always eludes me, it must be some kind of rule,
    E                        D                   A
I wind up all alone again and feeling like a fool.

        D                        A
Take a number, get in line, it won’t be the only time,
        E                              A
That I found someone who wound up hurting me.
        D                        A
You can’t keep me in the dark, I can see it happen right from the start,
        Bm            E            A
So take a number, get in line to break my heart.

Verse 2
I made a promise to myself, I took a solemn vow,
But you made me break that promise, girl, and love you anyhow.
So when you walk away tomorrow, or the next day, or the next
Take your place among the lost loves that I endlessly collect.

Repeat chorus

Repeat last line

 Hole In My Heart

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI)
D                                                       A                             
I dreamed that I was walking on the sandy ocean shore,
    G                                                 D                        
Gracie walked beside me just like she had done before.
I reached down to pet her and she kind of licked my hand,
           G                                                    D
Then I stood and we continued   walking on the ocean sand.
                       G                         D
Then I woke up.   Gracie was gone.
       D                                       A       
At first I didn’t notice in the dark before the dawn,
                 G                          D             Bm
Then I recalled that we’d forever be apart
D                                                    A                         G         D
Gracie’s gone and left me with a hole here in my heart.
Verse 2
We were walking in the mountains, Gracie ran a ways ahead,
Then she turned and wagged her tail and ran back to my side instead.
We stopped beside a waterfall and rested for a while,
Then I scratched behind her ear and was rewarded with a smile.
Repeat Chorus
Verse  3
The first time that we saw her she was standing in a cage,
Wagging her whole body like a puppy half  her age.
At home she’d somehow always find her way into my lap,
Then I’d stroke her velvet fur until we both would take a nap.
Repeat Chorus

Stomp On Your Heart

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI )
         Well, don’t cry and moan when I’m leavin’ you,
Don’t drink yourself stupid when I cheat on you,
            G                                            F                      C
Don’t say I didn’t warn you when I stomp on your heart.
You made a big mistake when you counted on me, I ain’t no different than I’ll ever be.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you when I stomp on your heart.
Well you should have seen it comin’ when I showed up late
To pick you up for our first date,
         D                                                         G
you should’a known I was trouble from the start.
I know that you love me but I don’t care,
I’ll be down the road tomorrow but I don’t know where, 
         G                                                 F               C
Don’t say I didn’t warn you when I stomp on your heart.
Lead break
Well nothing that I did and nothing that I said,
Would make you think we’d have more than one night in bed,
Tellin’ me you love me ain’t too smart.
When tomorrow comes, honey don’t you fear,
I’ll be wavin’goodbye in my rearview mirror,
Don’t say I didn’t warn you when I stomp on your heart.
Well, don’t cry and moan when I’m leavin’ you,
Don’t drink yourself stupid when I cheat on you,
Don’t say I didn’t warn you when I stomp on your heart.


Sail Away

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI  )
                 C                                             F
I’d like to sail across the ocean, I’d like to sail upon the sea,
         C                                                G                                                          
I’d like to sail away with you, would you sail away with me?
                        C                                     F
And we could sail away together, far across the bounding main,
                   C                                  G                   C
Won’t you say you’ll come with me and sail away?
            F             C                                                                          G
Sail away, sail away.   I only hope there comes a time before I lay me down to sleep
                          C                                     F
When we can sail away across the briny deep.
                 C                                G                   C
Won’t you say you’ll come with me and sail away?
You’ll cook breakfast in the galley and I’ll keep the captain’s log.
You can be my mermaid and I’ll be your salty dog.
And we’ll sail along together, see the world from shore to shore
And we’ll sail away till we can sail no more.
(Repeat Chorus)
And we’ll sail the seas together, you and me, side by side
Through every raging storm and through every rising tide.
And when the wave has crested and our voyages are done
We will sail away into the setting sun.
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat last line)
Sail away.


 Talk To Me

 (copyright 2011 Terry Hill BMI  )
  Capo on 2nd fret
G                                Em
I got a feelin’ down deep inside,
G                                      Em
The kind of feelin’ that I cannot hide.
People tell me it’ll be all right,
But they don’t have to be alone each night.
       C                        G
So talk to me, baby talk to me
                           Am                            C                     G
Don’t make me be alone pick up the telephone and talk to me.
I know you said that you were through with me,
But now I’ve changed and Baby you will see,
I tried to tell you things you didn’t know,
But you just laughed and said I told you so.
But (Chorus)
Em                               C
I’ve got things to say don’t turn me away.
Am                                 D
How can we negotiate, if you won’t communicate?
Lead break (Verse X2)
Now I sit alone and try to pretend
That someday all these lonely nights will end.
Waitin’ for the telephone to ring,
The empty silence is my everything.

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