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New album "Logic of the Heart"

Provide autograph request information in Paypal message to seller.

Physical CD

New Album - Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee

Now available --

Limited Edition Special

For a limited time, only 100 copies available.  Special early edition prior to general release.  Special eco-pak, environmentally friendly using green materials, no glues or other chemicals.

Physical copies autographed on request.

What People Are Saying

Download Here 

You are a young soul.  I like the ballads especially.  Keep on writin' .

 The songs on Logic Of the Heart are as good or better than anything out there today. Well crafted and soulfully performed with great backup.

 I can picture your life in my head as you sing your songs. YOU'RE A TROUBADOUR!

Terry is a story teller on par with some of the best. He has the ability to take you on a journey through a period of his life in 4 minutes and at the end, you feel like you walked beside him for a day, week, or 20 years. I'm not kidding.

Terry Hill's Logic of the Heart CD is smoky, savory and balanced. Just delicious!

The words and the music are outstanding-I recommend to all order a copy today and you will be singing these songs over and over

 I've been listening to "Logic of the Heart" for several days now. I like it more with each listen. Great music, great work!

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