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Logic of the Heart

All songs written by Terry Hill (Rockin' Rande Music, BMI)

     Let’s Start All Over Again

   Copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)

Am  Bm C D G


G                                                         C                                                

Let’s start all over again, let’s give it a try.

                                  G                                                     D

Maybe we can get it right this time, or know the reason why.

                                G                              Em

We got nothing to lose, no reason to be shy.

                                          C    D                                   G

What do you say, you and I?  Let’s start all over again.


Verse 1

G                                                                          Em

It’s been a long hard road, from the place we began.

                                        Am                       C                                D

Travellin’ through  all the years and the tears, step by step hand in hand.

                                         G                                      Em

We’ve had troubles to spare, we always took ‘em in stride.

                                       Am                Bm                       C             D                    G

Living through all the good times and bad times with you always there by my side.



Verse 2

There’s an old photograph, the edges all torn and curled,

It shows the two of us walking together, without a care in the world.

I want to go back to that time, back to the way we were then.

Put away all the trouble and heartache and just live my life with my friend.


Repeat chorus

Brand New Fake ID

Copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)


On a country road round midnight, we were in my daddy’s Ford,


Had my buddy and another guy and three young girls aboard.


We were cruisin’ on the gravel on the flats out east of town.


The big old Creston moon lit up everything around.


I put the pedal to the metal, felt the big Ford engine spark,

      D                                                    E                                D

We thought we’d live forever as we drove on through the dark.



               D                                                A

We had everything we needed, we were young and wild and free.

                E                                                     D                        A

We had  a hundred miles of open road and a brand new fake ID.


Verse 2

We left the dance hall early when some fools began to fight,

While the band played “Satisfaction” for the second time that night.

Throwing gravel from the parking lot as  we sped on out of town,

We had the radio turned up and the windows all rolled down.

We were drunk with fun and freedom and a case of ice cold Hamm’s,

As we cruised the road to nowhere and we didn’t give a damn.


Repeat Chorus


Lead Break (modulates to B)


Verse 3

It’s hard to get a handle on how many years have gone.

My buddy died in a jungle and the others just moved on.

But the memory of that night comes back like it was yesterday

When I see the moonlight shining through the trees a certain way.

I can taste a pretty young girl’s lips and feel the cool night air,

If only for a moment, it can seem like I’m still there.


Repeat Chorus

Logic of the Heart 

copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)

INTRO:  F#m – G#m – A – B - E

         E               C#m                A                      B        

Blinded in the beginning by the hot rush of young love,

    E                     C#m                       A                        B

Looking back I wonder just what we were thinking of.

     A                                     B                         E                     C#m

We had nothing much in common, we had so little we could share.

                                A                      B                          E

But the  thought of losing you was more than I could bear.



   A                          B       C#m                             A

The difference between us should have torn us apart.

    F#m                  G#m                    A        B          E

But no one ever understands the logic of the heart.


Lead break (1st half verse. 2nd half chorus)



F#m                           B         G#m                     C#m

If you never take chances, If you don’t even try,

         A                                         F#m                                B

It’s a terrible shame, you’ve got no one to blame if you let the whole world pass you by.


Verse 2

E                                                       C#m            A                                B

When you’ve got something worth keeping,  hang on with all your might.

E                                  C#m        A                          B

Don’t let the voices of reason keep you awake at night.

A                               B            E                              C#m

In those times of confusion, keep your eye on the prize.

          A                           B                      E

The darkest hour comes just before the sunrise.


Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Lead break (1st half of chorus)

Last line of chorus (sung)


copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)


I got new strings on my guitar, got laces on my shoes

I got money in my pocket, I got paid up union dues

                        A                           E

But I ain’t got you, no I ain’t got you

        G                                   A                                   B

I’m sittin’ here singin’ them damned old lonesome blues


‘Cause I ain’t got you.


I got a big screen color TV, I got feathers in my bed,

I got a ‘frigerator full of beer, and a roof  over my head

But I ain’t got you, no I ain’t got you.

I’m sittin’ here singin’ them damned old lonesome blues

Cause I ain’t got you.


I got a 58 El Dorado, and I just filled up my tank,

I got friends up in high places, I got credit at the bank

I got a job with paid vacation, I got the whole world by the tail,

And if I get in trouble, I got friends to go my bail,

But I ain’t got you, no I ain’t got you.

I’m sittin’ here singin’ them damned old lonesome blues

Cause I ain’t got you.

Flash Flood

copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)

Intro:  Em-Bm-C-Am-D-G

         G                             D                   G                               

I was thinkin’ ‘bout that night in Sacramento,

              C                                                                          G

Drinkin’ cold Malacca gin, collapsed in laughter on the floor.

               Em                           C                     G

It’s been years since we had times like that together,

                 D                                                   G

& Tanqueray don’t make that kind of gin no more.



        C                                       G

Can anybody tell me what just happened?

          Em                       C              D              

Why we don’t laugh together anymore?

                 Em                                   Bm                       C

It’s like a flash flood just came rushin’ down the canyon,

         Am                      D                            G

And washed all of our good times out the door.



Verse 2

We drove a thousand miles across the prairie.

You fiddled with the radio until you got it right.

We sang along with every song played on that station,

While fifty thousand watts cut through the night.


Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

We’d lock all of the doors and close the curtains.

We’d drink Nouveau Beaujolais with scented candles burning bright.

We’d play the stereo till we ran out of music,

And hold each other in the dark against the night.


Repeat Chorus

Here Come Those Tears Again

copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)

G                                   C                              G

She was like a dream I never thought I’d have.

Am                              C                                                       D

A thousand nights of dreams would never bring a girl like that.

C                                  D                    G                              Em

She set her sights on lovin’ me, my heart went out from under me,

C                                                           D

Never been a shootin’ star that fell so fast.



G                                      Am

Here come those tears again just like a long lost friend,

C                                                D

They always turn up when you least expect.

G                                         Am

Broken hearted memories, they keep on comin’ back to me

C                                D                          G

Travelin’ on the cold winds of regret.


I loved that girl with everything I had,

But then I found her cheating and I never hurt so bad.

I thought that she would choose me, but instead she only used me.

I walked away and never did look back.


Lead Break (1st half verse, 2nd half chorus)


Never laid eyes on her since that lonesome dawn.

I found real love and built a life and the good years rolled along.

Every time love finds you, it leaves a little bit behind to

Lock away while life keeps movin’ on.



Chorus, then Repeat first line of chorus

 One Foot In Hell

copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)


Me and my buddy were lookin’ for thrills,

Stole a car, sold a few pills.

The cops came runnin’ but they only caught me,

Got a nickel in Deer Lodge, had to serve three.

Got a job on the green chain down at the mill

But I’m done with that, I’ve had my fill.




I got an engine made of lightnin’, got a foot  made of lead,


Four on the floor, Big Sky overhead,


Got a heart made of stone and a soul made of fast,

         Em (break)

I got one foot in hell and the other on the gas.


Got a girl lives on the other side of the tracks,

Got another one living in the trailer out back.

One says she’ll love me till the day she dies,

She’s got my name tattooed on the side of her thigh.

The other one’s quiet, she don’t say much,

I can rev her motor with just one touch.




I got a 68 Chevy with a 396,

4 barrel Holley, and a Muncie stick.

I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and I’m Big Bad John,

When you see me comin’ I’m already gone.

I’m gonna live hard, die young and that’s a fact,

You better kiss me goodbye ‘cause I ain’t comin’ back.


Last chorus

Got a gut full of whiskey, a head full of blow,

I’m goin’ where I’m goin’ and I don’t go slow.

I got a heart made of stone and a soul made of fast,

I got one foot in hell and the other on the gas.


copyright 2017 Rockin' Rande Music (BMI)

D                                    A                          

I am a gyppo logger, timber is my trade,

    G                                                                   D                       

For a hundred years that’s how my family’s living has been made.

     D                                          A

I held the snarling chainsaw, I stood up proud and tall,

     G                                                           D                                          A       G        D

And felt the ground shake under me and watched the big trees fall.  Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Verse 2

I dreamed that I was flying, circling in the sun,

And I looked down on the ground at all the damage that we’ve done.

They had us cut the trees all down and lay the forest bare,

Our lives were in the timber boys, and now there’s nothing there.   Mm- mm-  mm


Solo (follows chorus chords, see below)


Bm                                                  F#m

The bankers, investors, those with forestry degrees,

        G                                                         A

They made us clearcut mountainsides and cut down all the trees.

Bm                                                          F#m

Some raised their voice in protest, but most of us agreed,

G                                                      A

We all needed paychecks, we had families to feed.


Verse  3

I never for a minute thought my life would be like this.

To watch it melt away just like a snowflake in my fist.

Each year seems to fly by like a solitary day,

Gave everything I had to stand and watch it slip away.  Mm-mm-mm



  G                                           D

Timber down the mountain, timber is my cry.

  A                                      G                     D

I’ll live among the timber until the day I die.

  G                                                    D

No matter what tomorrow brings, whatever comes around,

     A                                                  G                             D

My heart is in the timber boys, and that’s where I’ll be found.

    A        G        D

  Mm – mm -- mm


copyright 2017 Rockin Rande Music (BMI)



Woke up this morning in terrible pain,


Feels like explosions up inside my brain.

C                                                                     G

I swear to God I’ll never do that again, I got wasted.



Found a note stuck with a knife to the bed,

Said you  were leaving and you wish I was dead.

Wonder what it was I did or said?   I got wasted.



C                                         D       

Might’ve had a little too much fun,

  G                                           Em

Can’t recall a single thing I done,

   C                                    D                                    G

Something feels like it might’a got sprung, I got wasted.


When I opened up the closet door,

All my clothes were cut up on the floor.

Can’t imagine what you did that for, I got wasted.


Can’t remember much about last night.

Had a shot or two to be polite.

Guess it’s safe to say we had a fight, I got wasted.




My head feels like it’s been impaled on a spike.

And you say that you want me out of your sight.

Try to imagine what I must feel like, I got wasted.


Baby won’t you give me one more chance?

Give me a minute till I put on my pants.

I’m a victim of circumstance, I got wasted.


I got wasted.   I can almost taste it.   I got wasted.

The Happy Song

Copyright 2017 Rockin’ Rande Music (BMI)



         G                                 A        

I’m Happy today, I’ve been happy before,  

                   D                               G

When Tomorrow comes, I’ll be happy some more,

                                                     A                                               D

If sad comes around I’m gonna show him the door, ‘cause I’m happy.


Verse 1

D                                        G

Playin’ with my dog, throw him a stick,

                                                   A                                     D           G A D

Give him a hug and my face gets a lick and I’m happy.


Verse 2

See the little birdie, listen to him sing,

He’s flyin’ around doin’ birdie things and he’s happy.


Repeat chorus


Inst. Solo


Verse 3

Playin’ guitar, singin’ a song,

With a room full of people just singin’ along and I’m happy.


Verse 4

No better place I can think of to be

Than when I am with you and you are with me, and I’m happy.


Repeat chorus

 I’ll Not Go Gentle (Mom’s Song)

Copyright 2017 Rockin’ Rande Music (BMI)



          C                                         Dm

I’ve lived a long and good life, I guess I can’t complain,

         F                                                 G              

But every year that passes brings another kind of pain.

C                                                Dm                       

Some say life’s not worth living, some folks may fade away,

          F                                                             G

But the closer I come to the end of my road, I wade into the fray.


                F                                               C

And I’m glad I saw the sun come up this morning,

           Dm                                      G                        

And have another day to fight the fight.

             F                                                       C               

‘Cause as long as there is breath in this old body,

        Dm               G                     C

I’ll not go gentle into that good night.

Repeat intro.

Verse 2

I’m the oldest in my family now, the others have all gone,

Some might say the time has come For me to move along.

But each year brings a wedding, a new baby or the like,

I’ll be damned if I will miss them without putting up a fight.

 (Repeat Chorus)

Repeat intro


F                                                C        F                                            C

Time marches onward so they say.   Time goes on relentless every day.

          F                                                C                            Am

When I line up at the pearly gates I promise that you’ll find,

       F                                             G

I’ll be the last one standing in the line.


Verse 3

Life’s a magic journey, mine’s nearly at an end.

It breaks my heart I’ve had to live so long without my friend.

But I’m never gonna give up, and say my race is run,

When there’s love to love and laughs to laugh and songs that must be sung.


(Repeat Chorus) X2

Repeat intro to end

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