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The legendary Bookhouse Boys
Bookhouse Boys album "Fish Dance Music"

Physical CD


Sweet Montana Mornings, Don't Throw It All Away, and 8 more classic rock & roll and blues tunes.

The Bookhouse Boys --- Terry Hill and Steve Sellars --- after meeting for the first time in 1978, Terry and Steve became founding members of the band Dogwater, a touring band that cut it's teeth in Montana's Flathead Valley, then went on the road, touring the western US and Canada for the next several years.  After Dogwater's demise, Terry and Steve pursued different musical paths, but always gravitated back together, in bands like Men With Hair, and in a duo, and often one would make a guest appearance with the other's current project.  In 1990, they formed The Bookhouse Boys, taking the name from the exclusive society of good guys in TV's "Twin Peaks."   The BHB proved to be a hit, with shows around the northwest and Canada, and an album "Fish Dance Music" that sold out its original release in a matter of weeks.   The Boys "disbanded"  (sort of) in 1994 with Terry's entering law school, but continued to play together off and on for years.  In the late 2000s, they appeared together as the Bookhouse Boys for the first time in over a decade.  Steve contributed to about half of the songs on Terry's solo album "Grapevine Warp," released in 2011 to rave reviews.  Terry relocated to the Oregon coast in 2012, and in 2015, Steve joined Terry.  The Boys are now reunited  and performing both new and old material.

A typical show will include many of Terry's original songs, some Bookhouse classics (some from the "Fish Dance Music" album), some folk, some country, some rock, some blues, and some surprises.

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